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Modern mail-order bride business is nothing like the mail-order bride business of the past. Today, people are actually seeking love and not beneficial arrangements. They build emotional connections instead of choosing partners by their appearance. Witness the evolution of the mail-order bride world—try international dating yourself! 

Who we are

Lily-Brides is a site where you can find profiles of real mail-order brides. There’s no need to search for top platforms (we’ve already found them and started the cooperation), apply search filters to find women who meet your specific criteria, and spend hours and hours searching for at least a few foreign women who meet your expectations. 

Lily-Brides is a site where you can meet foreign brides of a certain age, from certain locations, and with certain relationship goals in one or two clicks. Just choose the category and see the profiles of potential mail-order wives who are currently looking for their foreign partners. 

Why choose us

What are our advantages over aggregator services and classic mail-order brides websites? Here are the key things that make us stand out: 

Only the most reputable partners
It’s not always easy to find a mail-order brides site that would take safety and efficiency 100% seriously. It usually takes a lot of trial and error for a user to find such a platform, so we do it for them. We search for the most reputable sites, double-check their members and policies, discuss our potential cooperation, and if everything goes right, we conclude an agreement, get access to their base of profiles, choose the best ones, and promote them on our site.
A larger base of profiles
We’ll always have more profiles than a single website would have. Here, you will definitely be able to find a mail-order bride who’d meet all your expectations as we’ve already chosen the best thousands of profiles from hundreds of thousands of pages on the top sites.
More careful examination of profiles
We cooperate with companies who take serious safety measures and care about moderation, but it’s not enough for us. We also check profiles yourself, register on the site, and actually communicate with a member before promoting her profile.
Regular updates
Of course, it’s a serious boost for a mail-order bride, too. Usually, a girl whose profile is promoted on finds a partner sooner than a girl whose profile is shown only on a niche site. So, we run out of members rather quickly in a good sense, and we update our base all the time so you always have options to choose from.
Categorization and convenience
On any dating site, whether a mainstream dating platform or a niche mail-order bride site, you just access lots of profiles that aren’t categorized or systematized. Sometimes, there are search filters, but you need to apply them every time you are going to search for new matches. On Lily-Brides, you can just go to a certain page, for example, the page with Asian brides in their 30s, and see profiles of women who meet your main search criteria.
Instant communication with foreign women for marriage
Let’s say you like someone you see on our site. You can contact this person in just a few minutes. The only thing you’ll need to do is to fill in a registration form. Only basic details are required, and you’ll get a bonus, so your first conversation will be free.

Convenience, simplicity, and effectiveness are our main competitive advantages. If that’s what you were expecting to get from a dating service, you’re definitely in the right place. 

How to find foreign brides through our website

find foreign bride

How to find a foreign wife on We made the process as simple as possible, so there are only three steps to take: 

1. Look through the categories of profiles and choose the right one.

First of all, set your priorities. What is your dream mail-order wife like? Where’s she from? How old is she? After you answer these simple questions, you’ll be able to choose the right category. 

2. View profiles, choose a woman or women you’d like to chat with.

Then, just view photos and information about the ladies and choose your favorite or favorites. 

3. Fill in the registration form and enjoy communication

Only basic information like an email address (must be real), name (you can use a pseudonym), age, and gender must be shared. We don’t require members to share their payment details, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Then, just start a conversation with a woman you like. 

Making a choice is actually the hardest part for a user. Again, we tried to make the system super-intuitive, but if you want to learn more about it, you may feel free to contact us at any time. 

Most popular regions to find a foreign woman

But are mail order brides legal? Yes, the good news is that they’re perfectly legal in most countries in the world, and intercultural dating is the most common in some regions. What are they? We list all the top destinations for singles below. 


Many Asian countries are rightly considered to be the best mail-order bride countries. Men have been marrying Asian women for centuries, and that happens for a reason. Multiple serious reasons, to be exact. 

  1. Asian girls are considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. 
  2. Most local brides are well-educated, perfectly mannered, often reserved, and absolutely family-minded yet open-minded enough to date a foreigner. 
  3. In some countries like the Philippines, intermarriage is absolutely normalized, and in many countries like Thailand, women see it as a way to build a relationship with an equal partner. 

Latin America

Contrary to common belief, not only Americans often find their love in Latin countries, and Mexico isn’t the only top destination to find love. Thousands of men worldwide marry Latin women yearly, and they explain their choices with the following: 

  1. In most Latin American countries, women still say that the family is their number one priority in life, and support and loyalty within the family are the things that make it stronger. 
  2. Latin American societies are usually not too conservative (yet often religious), and intermarriages are non-stigmatized. 
  3. Local women are very physically attractive, open-minded, confident, self-aware, optimistic, and benevolent. 

Slavic countries

How to get a foreign wife? Some people would say you should go to one of the Slavic countries, and they’ll be right. We just had to distinguish them from the rest of Europe—many Slavic women have special charm. 

  1. Slavic women are known for their beauty, strong family values, honesty, and intelligence. 
  2. Contrary to a stereotypical view of Slavic women, most of them have university degrees and are employed. 
  3. Women from Slavic countries are devoted to their partners and relationships at large and value mutual trust and loyalty the most.


Countries of Western, Southern, and Northern Europe shouldn’t be underestimated, either. We have quite a wide selection of European brides’ profiles, and here are some of the reasons why thousands of men choose them: 

  1. European women are naturally attractive yet usually not obsessed with beauty. 
  2. They are independent, self-reliant, and often seeking actual equality in a relationship. 
  3. They come from an open-minded and tolerant society and know how to cope with cultural barriers properly. 

Success stories from our members


I met my GF here. I found her profile, and she was the only one of a hundred girls who mentioned she loved rock and metal music, and I thought that it seemed like a match. A cute 25-year-old Pinay girl listening to Rob Zombie, Judas Priest, and Metallica just blew my mind. I contacted her starting with the first line of my fav song, and she answered me with the second line. Two months later, I was booking tickets to Manila. A week ago, I proposed. Things moved really fast for both of us, but when you know, you know. 


To be honest, I found myself looking through profiles here when I was devastated after my second divorce and just bored. I was definitely going to do something stupid. If someone had told me I was ever going to look for a mail-order bride I would have laughed out loud. But there was too much despair and alcohol, so I wrote something stupid to a girl from Mexico. And that turned out to be fun. I was going to apologize the next day, but she just made a joke about our conversation last night and we kept talking.


We chatted from time to time, then every day, then twice a day, and I suddenly realized I couldn’t imagine my life without hearing that notification sound on the site. Long story short, I just came back from Mexico. We met offline, and I truly think that my frustration finally got me something actually beautiful and unique. She’s amazing, and I really think we may have a future together. 

Tips on how to succeed when using a mail-order brides service

How does a mail-order bride work

How does a mail-order bride work? Basically, it’s pretty much like regular online dating. People meet, chat, keep communicating if they like each other, build a deeper emotional connection, and then meet offline. Of course, there are differences, too, and distance isn’t the only thing that matters.

There are also some specific rules or rather recommendations that may help you succeed: 

  1. Choose the region. You’ll need to do research on different cultures. It will take time, but if you choose the right destination based not only on some common facts and sometimes stereotypes, you’ll have a better chance to succeed. 
  2. Don’t focus on looks only. Pay more attention to bios and details, and don’t forget to set solid priorities before you start looking for a mail-order bride. 
  3. If there’s a red flag, move on. If something bothers you, move on. It’s international dating, and if you invest too much time lying to yourself, you may find yourself in another country one day looking at a person who never was a perfect match for you. 

Remember that being picky isn’t always a bad thing, and once you meet the right person, don’t wait for too long to meet her in real life! 

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