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About Us

Who we are

We are Lily-Brides—a company aimed at making the process of international dating simpler, quicker, and more effective overall. We cooperate with the world’s best dating platforms and agencies, access their user bases, analyze them in detail, and choose the best profiles from each group of singles that may be categorized by age, occupation, marital status, having or not having children, etc. We systematize all profiles and then share our top picks with you. 

We are an analytical company offering a new type of service in the world of cross-cultural dating. At Lily-Brides, you can find legit profiles of international singles, fill in a simple registration form, and contact the person you like right away. 

Our mission

Let’s say you’re going to find a partner abroad. What do you need to do in order to succeed? Plenty of things, actually. You need to analyze the international segment of the online dating market, learn more about the reputation and policies of at least 5-10 top international sites, set up an account on the best sites that you’ve picked, and then choose the best one. These are just the main and not even all the stages. 

In short, our mission is to:

  • Find top websites for you
  • Conduct professional analysis of each site
  • Get access to the base of profiles as a user
  • Choose the best accounts
  • Categorize them and then share our database with you.

We ensure that the profiles belong to active users. Our team is focused on people who are really motivated to find their dream match on the site. Moreover, profiles must be not only detailed but also verified. 

When we have a serious base of profiles from a particular website, we categorize them by their location, age, relationship expectations, and many more criteria. That, in turn, allows us to create categories and subcategories of profiles so you can browse Lily-Brides.com, take a look at the categories and access profiles of international singles who meet your specific criteria with just one click. 

How does Lily-Brides.com work? 

We have developed a strategy that allows us to connect people with their most compatible potential partners, and it consists of the following stages: 

Search for reliable partners and fruitful cooperation.
A single site will never attract as many international singles and gain as many members as an entire network. We are the ones who created this network by finding the biggest and the most reputable platforms for cross-cultural dating, accessing their user bases, and creating our own, ultimately big, extensive, and incredibly helpful base of profiles.
Validating profiles of singles
We are using different strategies to ensure that the person we’re going to promote on our website is real and 100% motivated to start a relationship with a foreign partner. In particular, we start checking a profile by certain quality criteria (number of photos, details, quality of bio, verification, etc.) and end up having actual conversations with this person.
Categorizing profiles to simplify the process for you
As we’ve noted previously, we sort profiles by multiple characteristics, and location and age are the most important of them.

Basically, that’s how we work. Such analytics take time and effort, but in the end, we can share the best selections of profiles with you. Every visitor on Lily-Brides gets a unique possibility to access profiles of single women of a certain age and from a certain country or region, which is impossible elsewhere. In other words, no matter if you are looking for a 20-year-old Asian woman or want to find a Slavic wife, we’ve got you covered. 

How do we select profiles? 

We take certain steps and focus on certain criteria when choosing the top profiles of singles: 

  1. First of all, we ensure that the moderation system on the site works well enough and there’s a verification procedure for female users. Otherwise, we’d spend too much time checking profiles. 
  2. Then, we categorize profiles by certain criteria and start checking each one. At the early stage, we focus on verification status, availability of photos, availability of all the main details, and the quality of bio. 
  3. After this, we watch the profile video (if it’s available) using bonus credits given by our partner website (we don’t spend real money if this feature is paid) and check the photos using tools like Google Image search to make sure they aren’t stolen
  4. Then we communicate with the member using our bonus credits. We want to make sure that the user is genuinely interested in finding a partner. Though we trust our partners, our goal is to make sure the person is real, so we also create another account that’s not given by the site and spend some real money and real credits or points to double-check the profile. 

Then, we make the final decision whether to promote a user on our site or not. It’s completely free for every online dater. Our site visitors can just fill in the registration form and contact this person right away. 

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